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Awnings and Blinds Brisbane

We fabricate a complete range of external awnings and blinds.

Our more popular styles are Folding Arm awnings, Swinging Arm (Pivot) awnings, Automatic Style awnings, Fixed frame awnings include Dutch Hood awnings, Colonial Style awnings, Cafe Style awnings to name a few.

We also fabricate Channel blinds, Cable guided blinds, Drop blinds, Clear PVC blinds and many other styles.

  • Custom Made Awnings and Blinds
  • Canvas, Mesh and Clear Blinds
  • Retractable Awnings
  • Canvas Awnings
  • Home Awnings

Fabric choices: We have an extensive range of awning fabrics such as Docril acrylic canvas, Dickson Orchestra acrylic canvas, Planosol acrylic canvas, Sunbrella acrylic canvas, Tempotest acrylic canvas, Somerton acrylic canvas as well as the traditional green backed canvases namely Brella Classic, Addalong awning canvas, Somerton awning canvas and Hunter Douglas awning canvas.

For those who want to keep the view, we have a complete range of see through U.V. stabilised meshes such as Outlook awning mesh, Shadeview awning mesh, Vistaweave awning mesh, Visiontex awning mesh, Solarview awning mesh ans Ferrari Soltis.

If motorisation is required, we can offer Somfy Tubular motors, Nice Tubular motors and Faac Tubular motors and Cherubini Tubular motors. Options such as sun and wind sensors, rain sensors and motion sensors can be added.